Ivy Berke

Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer teaching small groups and one-on-one mat

I met Linda at a fitness conference roughly 4 years ago. I had previously taken various Pilates workshops but had not quite gotten the concept. Linda’s class made total sense to me. I was motivated to learn more and followed her to Equinox in NYC to take her classes and eventually sign up for her Lindafit Pilates mat certification program. As a fitness instructor for 18 years with my own established business in Westchester, I would consider myself a discerning customer. What I see in Linda is a very experienced master teacher who has a great understanding of what she is teaching and is able to articulate that to her students both verbally and physically. I completed the program feeling well equipped to teach Pilates and have already started two classes. I continue to drive into the city to take Linda’s classes because there is always more to learn