Rita Thompson

I did a lot of research into where I wanted to get my certification from, and specifically who would be training me. I went all over Manhattan and Queens trying out different studios, and Linda stood out to me by a landslide as the best person to get certified through. Linda is a passionate teacher both in regards to what she is teaching, and also how she is teaching. She uses all kinds of techniques to make sure every one of her trainees are clear in both what and how they will teach. This is incredibly valuable, as we learned more deeply than just memorizing facts and cues.

I started teaching immediately after taking the LindaFit Pilates Mat Teacher Training Program and have found many, many opportunities come up simply because I was a trainee of Linda’s. Linda has a respected reputation, and folks in the industry trust her trainees are qualified teachers. I also have found that a “Linda Network” exists. For instance, I have subbed in for people, and had them sub in for me without having met them formally, but we are both “Linda-ites” and connected through her network of teachers.

Getting to train with Linda was a page turner for me, and I will be forever grateful to her!