Amani Hafez

Amani Hafez took Linda Farrell’s, LindaFit Pilates Mat Certification in 2013. Amani was so impressed with the program that she continued to study with Linda, and has become Linda Farrell’s official, authorized representative for teaching her pilates mat certification course in Egypt.

Amani Hafez has also been certified by AFFA and ACE as a GFI (general fitness instructor). She has been teaching since 1987, later becoming the Reebok fitness consultant in Egypt, through which she had the chance of becoming an instructor trainer in Slide Reebok in Spain. Over the years she has been able to enrich her experience by attending many conventions in Europe, exposing her to top presenters; Jin Miller’s master step class (the creator of step) and Jay Blahnik’s Dynamic stretching workshop. Having the opportunity to attend many Pilates workshops also allowed her to inject her own mat classes with not just the classical mat work but much more. She created her own combination of pilates, yoga and dance called Piiloga, in her fitness studio, Body Works. Pilates seems to have become her obsession in the past 10 years, which made her pursue many certifications: Pilates mat certification by NESTA, Pilates Ball by ACE and finally Linda Farrell’s, LindaFit Pilates Mat Certification.

Among other certifications are spinning, Zumba, TRX and the Les Mills Body Pump and Body Attack programs. Amani is owner and instructor trainer in Body Works Fitness Studio that has been operating since 1999. Amani’s goal is to continue to grow as an educator to share the wealth of knowledge she has acquired in her years of teaching.