Andrea Lanzetti

Andrea Lanzetti has been dancing since the early age of six. She went on to study dance at DeSales University and earned her degree in 2010. Dancing professionally has made Andrea extremely aware of the body and all that goes into treating it with care. After discovering her passion for Pilates, she went on to receive her certification through LindaFit in 2012. Her mat class is designed to help the individual find their own personal balance of strength, flexibility, breath, and body awareness. Her teaching style stems from the classical Pilates method, the way Joe Pilates intended, while adding modern variations to please the needs of her clients. Providing a challenging, yet well balanced experience for the body and mind is what she hopes to provide for all of her clients.

Linda has provided Andrea with all the necessary tools in order to become a successful Pilates instructor. Linda’s knowledge of the body and Pilates system was extremely evident throughout the program and has created a strong foundation for all of her students. In finding a teaching job within weeks of completing her certification, Andrea owes much of her success to Linda and to the wonderful certification program she has created. Andrea currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and teaches mat classes at Green Fitness Studio, Greenhouse Holistic, and Paris Health Club.