Anna Morejon

Anna Morejon attended the LindaFit Pilates Mat Certification, Nov-Dec 2009, and mini-ball workshop, March 2010. She completed her certification in Feb. 2010. She currently teaches at Ballet Arts, Hot Yoga Yonkers and Equalize Fitness. Anna teaches private sessions, as well as private, closed classes, for Art of Control. (classes not open to the public). Anna is also proud to be in Hunter’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program starting this June! Email Anna now!

The main factors that caught my attention right away was the weekend format and the affordability. I had researched various programs earlier but was discouraged by their cost. Once I started the program, I realized that the program’s main asset was Linda herself; she instantly made everyone feel comfortable, and her knowledge about teaching techniques and human anatomy amazed me. Throughout the certification process, Linda was helping every step of the way. Through Linda, I have met many successful Pilates instructors who have inspired me and have taught me the logistics of running a private business. I am so thankful to Linda for helping me gain the skills I need to not only teach Pilates, but to someday incorporate Pilates into a Physical Therapy practice.