Ashley Payne

Ashley Payne hails from Buffalo, NY where her love of dance began. After obtaining a B.A. in Dance from Point Park University, she moved to NYC where she performed in theatre, film, television, commercials and with concert dance companies. Now living in Chicago, as a choreographer and dance teacher, Ashley has added to her repertoire and has fused her love for dance with her passion for fitness and personal wellness. Ashley shares her knowledge with fun and informative classes at Lifetime Fitness including Pilates, LifeBarre, Aqua Fitness, Water Yoga, Zumba and her personally developed class “BarreStrength”. Ashley can also be found directing dance competitions, adjudicating dance competitions internationally and teaching “Strength and Foundations” for Encore Xtreme dance conventions, which is based off of her Pilates background.

I was introduced to LindaFit Pilates by Jeanette Palmer. I knew that if Jeanette was a supporter of this training and methodology of Pilates then it HAD to be good. The training with Linda was thorough, personal and inviting! I looked forward to every weekend of training! The technique of Pilates speaks for itself, but the mindful development of language, sequencing and structure is truly unique to LindaFit. If you truly listen to the phrasing she provides and the reasoning behind it, you will come out a strong teacher with a clear understanding of not only Pilates repertoire, but the kinesthetic development behind it’s effectiveness!