Elna Maria Dahlsjo

Elna Maria Dahlsjo was born in Sweden. She fell in love with movement at the age of 11 when she took her first dance class and has been dancing ever since. She studied jazz and ballet in Sweden, Ireland and New York. Elna attended the May-June LindaFit Pilates Mat Certification program and assisted Linda at the August Dance Teacher Summit in 2014. She completed her pilates mat certification requirements in Aug 2014, moved back to Sweden and is currently teaching dance and Pilates at Classic Pilates Studio and Forum Gym in Sweden.

Wow! Linda Farell and her training program is just amazing. I am so grateful for all the knowledge and professionalism she has taught me. Her training program is very well structured and gives you just the perfect amount of time, attention and knowledge to feel secure to stand on your own legs. It gives you what you need to be an excellent teacher. I would strongly recommend you to take your pilates mat certificate with Linda Farrell.