Felicia Terlecki

Felicia Terlecki is new to teaching pilates but has been taking pilates classes for over twenty years. She has danced with New York Theatre Ballet, Eglevsky Ballet, Princeton Ballet and Hamilton Ballet Theatre and now has a not for profit called Live Dance Live. These years of dancing have given her great insight of how the body works, which has been an easy transfer to Pilates. Pilates gives you core strength, greater flexibility, muscle tone, relief of back and joint pain, more energy, weight loss and just a happier you! I am looking forward to expanding my horizons into the pilates world. Currently I am teaching private lessons and group classes. Thank you to Lindafit for the introduction into what is going to be a great future!

Linda’s program is an intimate and educational¬†program. She is well prepared and knowledgeable¬†about the content and her profession. I would highly recommend her program for pilates instructors. It has been a pleasure to learn from her and also know that she really cares about her students and their future as instructors.