Franziska Reske

Franziska Reske started dancing at an early age. She attended a modern dance education program in Berlin, Germany and continued her dance studies at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in New York City. In 2014 Franziska received her Bachelor for Dance Education, a program by the Royal Academy of Dance associated with the University of Surrey, Great Britain. She currently dances in a musical production company in Germany.

Franziska is a member of the German Pilates Organization. She got certified through LindaFit Pilates in February 2009 and since then teaches in different schools in Berlin. Franziska incorporates the magic circle, stretchband and mini ball into her classes and comes regularly to New York City to take Linda Farrell’s Pilates classes and workshops.
She assisted Linda several times at the Dance Teacher Summit and The Pulse Teacher Workshop. In addition to Pilates she also teaches children’s creative dance and ballet.

Please visit her website or follow her on instagram under pilates_pur_berlin. For further question you can always email her:

My first encounter with Pilates wasn’t very successful. During my dance education program in Berlin our teacher incorporated Pilates exercises without a context in our body conditioning program. I didn’t like them and I didn’t get the meaning of them due to a lack of explaining. When our teacher announced we have to take Pilates in our summer break, I wasn’t very happy. I spent my summer holidays in New York City and decided to take one Pilates class, so I could satisfy my teacher’s request, hoping she wouldn’t ask how many classes I took. That’s how it all started because in this single class I landed in Linda’s class. I fell in love with her way of teaching, her humor, which makes every class fun to take and her explaining the exercises so well. Linda is a wonderful and kind teacher and suddenly all the exercises made sense to me. One year later I moved to New York City for half a year and attended her program. I’m always looking forward to coming back to her classes.

I always wanted to become a dancer and teacher and after meeting Linda it was clear to me that I had to take her program although we do have programs in Germany as well. At the beginning I was a little afraid because English isn’t my first language but the groups were small and I always felt safe to ask anything I needed. It felt very familiar and Linda provided a very nice learning atmosphere. She even managed to make the anatomy section interesting; my former teacher failed at this. Due to all the knowledge she taught us, I feel confident teaching my classes. Linda is always there for her students and I know I can always ask her when I have problems or difficulties. I took all her workshops, including the ones with the props and I’m happy to be able to teach in Berlin and build up my Pilates business. Linda, a big thank you for making all this possible, you are the best!