Jana Sanford

After practicing Pilates for over 10 years and doing resistance and cardio training for over 20, I left my Corporate career to pursue my passion for health and fitness and helping others achieve their goals. As a business woman and former consultant who lived on the road 4-5 days a week, I am focused on providing fitness solutions for corporate wellness programs and highly time constrained individuals (professionals, frequent travelers, new mothers, etc.) who are particularly challenged to maintain fitness routines due to their demanding schedules. I also emphasize exercises that are easily portable, meaning they don’t require big or heavy equipment or a lot of space, so can be done almost anywhere, anytime. As a biomedical engineer and a sports enthusiast, I have a strong interest in the biomechanics of exercise and sports activities including golf, tennis, running and skiing in particular.

Linda Farrell’s Pilates certification program provided me with all the knowledge and tools to become a top notch instructor. Her knowledge of anatomy and practical method of teaching it are unprecedented and provide a solid foundation for her students to build their Pilates practices. Because she works in small groups, her program offers the opportunity to get personalized input and lots of hands on interactive experience. Linda also helps place her students in respected studios across the city to achieve their practice hours as well as find permanent teaching assignments.