Jen Pagoto

Jen Pagoto has been an occupational therapist for twenty years. She works with many clients who exhibit poor core strength and various attention deficits. She has found that the tools she has learned from becoming a certified Pilates mat instructor are often utilized in her daily therapy sessions with her clients. Jen fell in love with the Pilates method right away several years ago. She was a dedicated Pilates student at her gym and various studios for several years before deciding to learn everything there is to learn about this incredibly functional and challenging form of exercise. Linda Farrell was highly recommended by a friend who recently experienced her Lindafit mat certification program. Jen wanted a boutique setting with plenty of one on one attention as a student and as she researched Linda Farrell and the Lindafit Mat Certification Program, she knew she found an excellent match. Jen received her Lindafit Mat Certification in May 2014 and quickly returned for Linda’s Stretch Band Workshop. She is looking forward to attending more Lindafit workshops as she continues her Pilates journey. Jen currently works at Yoga Haven in Westchester County where she teaches her own class weekly. She also substitute teaches at The Bronxville Fitness Club and Kinetic Sports Club in Pelham, NY.