Kirsten Ho

Kirsten Ho attended the August-2008 Training with the Lindafit Pilates Cerification Program and was certified in March 2009. Kirsten currently does privates and works at Chen Dance Center in New York City. She has previous work experience at The Loft Dance and Fitness, Broadway Dance Center, Boom Fitness, The Brittany Private Residence, and Barclay Tower Apartments, all in New York and The Yoga Room in Hong Kong. Email Kirsten now!

I full-heartedly recommend attending the LindaFit Pilates Mat certification program. My certification has provided me with a continuous flow of work teaching at gyms and studios across New York. I first met Linda at one of her classes and since then I have received her undivided attention and support throughout my training and transition from student to teacher. I don’t believe any other program offers her level of support and individual attention, for that I am eternally grateful. I continue to take Linda’s classes as often as I can, honing my skills and gaining a better understanding of my own body.