Morgana Rose Mellett

Morgana Rose Mellett grew up in the green mountains of Vermont, before moving to NYC in 2010. Upon moving to New York, Morgana completed the LindaFit Pilates Mat certification. Morgana teaches Pilates classes in private residential buildings as well as at Equinox, Broadway Dance Center, West End Health and Fitness, and Boom Fitness. Morgana is a member of Lori Belilove and The Isadora Duncan Dance Company, as well as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Yoga Instructor through Three Sisters Yoga. Email her or visit her website.

I have only positive things to say regarding Linda Farrell and her Pilates mat certification program. The programs are small and Linda cares that each person receives the knowledge and practice to be an articulate, well-educated and successful Pilates mat instructor. Furthermore Linda has continued to support me after my certification was completed by recommending me to gym owners and potential private clients and being continuously kind and caring to me. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about Pilates and looking to grow as an instructor