Paola Terribilini

Born in Italy and living now in Switzerland, Paola Terribilini has been involved in fitness for over 20 years. She has taught many disciplines including, Powerstrike Kickboxing and Impact, and Body Conditioning and has owned a fitness and dance studio, An encounter with Linda Farrell during a trip to New York in 2001 peaked her interest in becoming a Pilates Mat Teacher and she was certified through the LindaFit Pilates Mat Certification program a year later. Paola has also studied at the CovaTech Pilates School in Milan receiving further training on the pilates equipment. Paola’s love for Modern Dance which she has practiced and taught for many years sparked her interest in the fluid core based Pilates method. She has also participated in various training and continuing education courses in the field of fitness, dance and Pilates. Every August, she goes to New York for a month where she continues to study with acclaimed international teachers to sharpen and perfect her technique and teaching. Paola has appeared on national TV in many sports and fitness programs and was a consultant for the Associazione Cantonale Ticinese of Physical Education (ACTG) and for various sport clubs.

I am a full time Pilates Teacher in Switzerland now, thanks to Linda who inspired me a long time ago. She was what I wanted to be. She is a fantastic mentor and friend, her knowledge about teaching techniques and human anatomy amazed me. I could listen to her talking for hours without any sign of boredom, Linda is 100% behind her teachers. I highly recommend her courses.