Sarah Lehman

Sarah Lehman has been interested in movement since she can remember. In 2008, she graduated from the Ohio State University where she studied modern dance and pre-physical therapy. She moved to New York City to dance professionally with a number of independent choreographers and soon after was introduced to Linda Farrell. She finished her mat certification with LindaFit in 2012 and has been teaching private Pilates lessons ever since. Sarah recently received her Masters in Applied Exercise Physiology from Columbia University.

I had taken Pilates classes growing up as an adjunct to my dance training but it wasn’t until I was introduced to Linda that my appreciation for Pilates and my desire for teaching began to grow. LindaFit’s Pilates method lets the exercises (and the science behind them) speak for themselves, and her large following of both students and teachers speaks to her success. Her knowledge and application of anatomy and Joseph’s original mat-work stands the test of time. Her classes are both creative and invigorating. I can’t speak highly enough to the training program and to Linda herself. I loved working with her and appreciate all she has done for me in my learning process and career development. Thank you Linda!!