Stephanie Petruccio

My love for Pilates started when I took a few classes in college (The University of the Arts) as a modern dance major, but grew even more once I started taking Linda’s classes at Broadway Dance Center. I did my best to make her class at least once a week or whenever I could get down to NYC since I live in Fishkill, NY. The way she explains the Pilates method and every exercise is so precise and her voice is so sweet and pleasant. She made me fall in love with the technique and before I knew it, Linda asked me to help her with a few of her certification programs as a model for the students. We built a wonderful relationship and I eventually was able to get my certification. I completed my Pilates training this past summer (2013). Linda is very careful to cover all the principles of Pilates that Joseph Pilates originally created. She gives you a history of Pilates as well as a thorough anatomy lesson and explanation of every exercise. I now work for SLT (Strengthen Lengthen & Tone) in Rye Brook, NY as a trainer. I teach the Megaformer classes and am extremely happy. Linda is a huge positive influence in my life and I appreciate everything she has done for me and for all of her support. I highly recommend her program for anyone interested in becoming certified!