Tara Shea

Tara Shea has a BA in Communications and Theater Design from Hunter College. She had a successful career in the Fashion Industry and in past few years decided to pursue an alternate career path. After years of high impact workouts she moved on to Yoga as a form of exercise and a stress relief. A few years ago after a knee injury she discovered Pilates as a wonderful strengthening tool for her body. She wanted to become pilates certified to better understand her body and pass this amazing practice on by teaching others to strengthen their body and minds to live happier and healthier lives. Email her!

I feel blessed to have found Linda Farrell’s Pilates certification program. Linda is an amazing teacher and an inspiration. She passes on her talent for Pilates as well as her thorough knowledge of anatomy. Her small boutique¬†certification classes and workshops allow her students to get an in-depth and hands-on training. Her infectious personality helps to bring fun into the training program. I would highly recommend¬†to anyone that wants to become a certified Pilates teacher to take the LindaFit program.