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Pilates Mat Workout


The Pilates Mat Workout with certified Pilates instructor Linda Farrell.
DVD $20

The Pilates Mat workout with Linda Farrell strengthens, lengthens and tones the entire body. Linda’s precise cueing and attention to detail will give you the results you are looking for: long, lean muscles and a flatter abdomen. After just a few weeks, you will stand taller, move more gracefully, and feel more energized.



The Pilates Mat workout with PMA certified instructor Linda Farrell will

  • Flatten and tone the abdomen
  • Lengthen and strengthen the entire body
  • Improve posture and alignment

Take your Pilates Mat workout to the next level with Linda Farrell in her new Total Body Challenge Pilates DVD produced by Gaiam.  The addition of a resistance stretch band allows one to:

  • Tone the muscles in new ways
  • Simulate moves from the Pilates reformer
  • Add challenge and variety to the workout

To purchase the Total Body Challenge Pilates Stretch Band Kit, please visit Gaiam.com and look in their Fitness Center/ Kits section





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