Schedule of Online Classes

LindaFit Live online classes are open for all levels of training, beginners to advanced. Modifications are provided throughout the class to accommodate students at different levels, as well as students with specific problems or injuries. Pregnant students are welcome to attend, provided they have doctor’s clearance.

Broadway Dance Center
BDC Live 

Mon 11:30am- 12:45pm (EST) – Classic Pilates mat with Linda Farrell


LindaFit Live!

Wed and Fri 11:30am-12:45pm (EST) -15min dynamic warm up and 60min Pilates Mat. Props such as, resistance bands, hand weights, rings and mini balls may be incorporated.

LindaFit is also a provider of Pilates classes for:

  • 205 West End Ave, NYC

These classes have been temporarily suspended due to covid. please contact