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Pilates Classes in NYC

Classes taught at Broadway Dance Center and Equinox Health Clubs are open for all levels of training, beginners to advanced. Modifications are provided throughout he class to accommodate students at different levels, as well as students with specific problems or injuries. Pregnant students are welcome to attend, provided they have doctor's clearance.

Pilates Teacher Training in NYC

This intimate, boutique style program attracts many fitness teachers and dance professionals but is equally suited for non teachers, novices, and pilates enthusiasts looking to make a career change. The LindaFit Pilates Mat certification is ideal for those looking to teach pilates mat in health clubs, fitness studios, dance centers, corporate gyms, pilates/yoga studios, YMCAs and colleges and universities. The skills acquired in the program will also allow one to develop their own pilates mat pilates teacher training business. Check out our certified teachers and where they are working!

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